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Our team so far

As anxious as the rest of you are


Imogen Senior

Program Coordinator and Director

In her third year of studying Politics in Melbourne, Imogen is anxious, passionate and angry about the lack of leadership and policy for the climate crisis in Australia. She is interested in environmental activism, the intersection of climate and gender justice and is committed to ensuring that politics and policy making centres marginal voices. 

As an inaugural fellow in the University of Melbourne's Wattle Fellowship, Imogen hopes to increase young people's climate literacy, acknowledge their fear and listen to their dreams.

She was a Youth Activist with Plan International in 2020, sponsored by The Body Shop, when she conducted global research into the visions young people hold for a pandemic-ridden world. This was presented to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN General Assembly. 

She has also worked with Hollaback in training Bystander Intervention for street harassment, worked against online abuse with the E-Safety Commissioner, and spoken on radio and to media about violence against girls and women. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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