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What’s the problem?

Young people are aware of climate change. We’re anxious. But this doesn’t always translate into political literacy or policy, to political action or systems change. We aren’t yet well-equipped to evaluate parties’ policies or develop our own alongside experts.

A democracy needs engagement and care, to speak to power. We have the care and the anxiety – we don’t have the literacy. Climate change can become out of reach – the policy and effects impersonal. And so we have a gap between wanting to act and being able to – we don’t feel like we can contribute right now.

The good news is that we do know what world we’d like to see. Climate can be a way into politics – a doorway to see power and speak truth. Young people know the type of world we want. We need a bit of help learning how to get there

What do we do once people are aware?

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What can we do?

This is where we come in

We aim to increase political literacy and engagement among young people who are anxious but not connected to politics. By personalising the effects of climate change, and the policy to combat it, we can convey our climate anxieties in ways that are productive, political and aspirational.

We are taking a core group of people on a journey of climate anxiety to hope to action. This process is informed by a deepening of political awareness and literacy, and then training on media engagement. These people then take this knowledge of policy development and analysis, campaign theory and political awareness to their own networks. We work through our own anxiety as a group to produce a campaign that personalises policy and climate change through engagement with media.


We’ll start off with the vision and hold the dream in ourselves. This will use a theory of deep ecology, to grieve, share and feel.

We will brainstorm our policy and analyse other people’s. People will be equipped with tools to recognise the action they’d like to see, what that looks like as policy, who to speak to and how to undertake it.

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The program dates and details

15th March – 6pm
Introduction meeting
22nd March 2022 – 6pm
Indigenous activism and meditation
31st March – 6pm
‘Good Grief’
5th April – 6pm
9th April – 11am
Donnie Maclurcan – post-growth economics
19th April – 6pm
University of Melbourne policy academics
3rd May– 6pm
Panel event – interdisciplinary climate action
10th May – 6pm
Advocacy – theories of change
17th May – 6pm
Media training

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'Action is the antidote to despair.'

Joan Baez

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